Sunday, September 12, 2010

Couture Fashion Week

Tonight, I attended a runway show for Couture Fashion Week at the Waldorf Astoria. This show appeared to be much different than the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week shows... There were no assigned seats and as we walked in we were given a variety of options for places to sit down. I chose second row right in front of where the models did their turn around at the end of the runway. I was able to get many great pictures that were upclose and encompassed the model's sultry attitude. The first designer was for men's clothes and all the models appeared very serious until the last one came out an did a little dance which really riled up the crowd. It was an African American designer which also reflected in the color of the models. The carmel colored models strutted their stuff down the runways with so much attitude I almost forgot to look at what they were wearing because their body language was so entertaining. Most of the outfits incorporated some sort of feather hoodie, ranging in colors from bright red to off-white.

The second designer looked as if they were trying to appeal to a crowd about to go prom dress shopping. The long pastel colored dresses seemed as if they would be perfect for a formal high school dance. The shoes were sequined and drew a lot of attention to them (i was in love).

The last designer had a very gold color scheme going on. The models came out dressed in skimpy gold numbers that turned heads. The messy pigtails on all the girls definitely added to the look (most likely a new hairstyle for the upcoming season). There was what seemed to be an "Amazon Nile" look going on.

The show was definitely very exciting and afterwards there was time to take pictures with all the models!

Fashion Week Fun

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This was my first Fashions Night Out and it was AMAZING. I had never seen the streets of New York so bustling and crowded. I started off the night by attending the Lisa Perry fashion show at her store. It was a really cute mother-daughter show with kid-friendly appetizers including mini circular PB&J sandwhiches, popcorn, pop chips (very common during 2010 fashion week), mini salmon sandwhiches, mini cucumber sandwiches, and cocktails for the grownups. The mother and daughter duo's came out in coordinating outfits filled with bright colors and accessories. The last mother model to come out was none other that Kelly Rutherford (Lily Vanderwoodson on Gossip Girl). After the show i bough a really cute yellow plastic ring.

After the show we walked around the Upper East Side Neighborhood going into stores such as Samantha Thavasu. I was sad to see that Louboutin was closed and not hosting any special event. After realizing not much was happening in that neighborhood we took a taxi down to Barneys. Right when we walked inside we were handed a pamphlet that described the events that were going on on each floor. Unfortunately we had come too early to see Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen host a Karaoke contest, however there were still many other things going on. We made frienship bracelets while listening to Bob Marley's daughter and looked at all the handcrafted Alexander Wang dolls all while nibbling on Pop Chips and drinking Vitamin Zero water.

Realizing Barney's was a little more crowded that comfort, we made our way our of the store and started heading towards 5th Avenue. The first store we walked into was Todd's. Being greated with champagne in every store was definitely an excitement of the evening. While walking around with a glass of champagne, cute boys with trays came around with gourmet little finger food. My favorite finger food included veggie spring rolls, mini trout cakes on crackers, crostinis with melted mozzerella and tomatoes, and mini fish nuggets with tartar sauce. Tiffany's was serving a yummy popsicle dipped in white chocolate (there was even a line to get them!). Tonight was definitely a night more about good food and drinks than shopping to me (although I did purchase a nice Gucci bag)!! I was so sad when the night came to an end, I was literally trying to have stores stay open for me. Although i don't really think my feet could have lasted any longer in my heels. My lace Alice & Olivia dress did hold up very comfortable however. On the way back to the hotel I picked up a Falafel plate and to top it off I finished the rest of my Fashions Night Out cupcake from Crumbs Bakery. A perfect way to end a perfect night :)

NY Mercedes Benz fashion week

I just went to the Vivienne Tam show and was 2nd row! Across from me in the front row was Denise Richards, Kendra, and Venus & Serena Williams. The Vivienne Tam Spring 2011 collection included a lot of blues and whites, with some purples. White silks and knit tunics were very common. A sort of tribal attire with many patterns appeared on many of the models. Almost all of them were wearing shoes that were woven together with cords. Their hair appeared to be slightly curled with a side part.

After the show, I hung out in the Mercedez-Benz lounge which featured a bunch of different vendors. Starbucks, Maybelline, POP chips, Tresemme, and Sunglasses Hut were among them. Starbucks gave out the newly popular "silly bands" in 4 different shapes; they also gave out Frappacccinos in different flavors as well as cocktails for those over 21. Maybelline debuted their new products for the season and at Tresemme you could wait in a line to get your hair done and then be photographed on their "runway".

While waiting outside before the show, I saw Rachel Zoe and got to take a picture with her! Im blogging from the hotel room right now so I'm not going to upload the pictures until I get back to Santa Barbara. This morning in my hotel I spotted McKell Maddox from Project Runway Season 8 and took a picture with her as well! I guess their filming the show at my hotel. Today was SO exciting, i cant wait to see what tomorrow will bring!