Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Walking into Eataly was like walking into a 50,000 Sq. Ft. little Italy, I was instantly surrounded by the aroma of rich cheeses and wine. Directly as I entered I felt as if I was in a gourmet Italian food market filled with authentic goods. Every which way I turned there was a different selection of delicious food, ranging from fresh-cut vegetables and fruit to hearty pastas.
{fresh fruit}

{fresh vegetables}
{fine cheeses}

After I ventured around a little and explored each of the grocery sections, I decided to put my name in at one of the places to dine. Between the 6 different resteraunt options, I thought it would be much easier to be seated. Manzo, Eataly's most formal dining experience was the most crowded and unfortunately the next opening wasn't until 9pm (it was 6:45 at the time). Then I walked over to La Pizza & Pasta and put my name on the 45 minute wait list while I waited for my friends. Once they arrived, we headed over to La Piazza, where we sat at the bar area and caught up over a glass of wine and an appetizing assortment of traditional Italian cheeses and salumis. Finally it came time to sit down at the resteraunt where we indulged in a calzone filled with ricotta cheese, mozerella, tomato sauce, neopolitan salumi, parmigiano reggiano, and fresh basil. This was definitely a dish worth returning for. The food in combination with the incredible sights and smells of within what seemed like a "mini Italy" was picture perfect; I can't wait to come again and try the other resteraunts (especially the gelato)!

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