Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nap Your Way to the Top

Day 3 officially marks the mid-point of my juice cleanse. I would have to say that everything is going quite well and has been slightly easier than expected (what a relief!). I definitely think the almond nut milk is the perfect "juice" to end the day, a filling and sweet treat before bed.

Contrary to what I had thought in the beginning, that I wouldn't have as much energy because I wasn't eating solid food... I actually have more energy because I am still getting all the day's necessary nutrients and according to studies the body isn't using the 20-30% of its total energy that it normally does digesting food.

When performing my research beforehand to prepare for the cleanse, I came across many articles that enforced the fact that juice cleanses are excellent ways not only to reset your body but your mind and soul as well. Many sites played with the idea of getting spa treatments to further enhance the detox process. Never being one to turn down advice on indulging in some spa treatments (I mean it's all part of the this process right?) I went on Gilt City and bought my mom and I deals for a facial/nap combo at YeloSpa.

{All pink - definitely my type of spa}
Recently I read in a magazine about YeloSpa as a place where you can pay to take a nap... at first this concept confused me, but after trying it out first hand its actually pretty cool! Though I didn't exactly fall into a deep sleep, the feeling of floating in a zero gravity chair while listening to zen music for 20 minutes was quite intriguing. The facial was among the best I have ever experienced and the esthetician was extremely friendly, treating my mother and I as if we were long lost family. What a nice relaxing way to end this Wednesday :)

{Zero gravity chair "NAP YOUR WAY TO THE TOP"}

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