Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion's Night Out

I can't believe it has taken me so long to finally write my Fashion's Night Out post... maybe that is because on some level I am still fathoming over all the marvelous events that took place during this year's fashion week. As my Facebook status said "Fashion's Night Out is better than my Birthday and Christmas combined...."and to some degree I could pretty much consider it my favorite day of the year. With complimentary cocktails and gourmet hors d'oeuvres being passed around by model-looking gentlemen at basically every single store, there is truly nothing not to love about this elegant night (okay except maybe the insanely large crowds and seamlessly never-ending lines to enter certain stores). Starting off in the Upper East side around my apartment, we strolled down Madison Avenue stopping in just about all the stores we passed. Chloe was amongst the first we went into and we were quickly served champagne and the decadent desserts upon our entry. 
{Mini desserts at Chloe} 
After Chloe, we continued strolling down Madison and ran into the amazingly long line filled with star-struck young girls waiting to see pop star Justin Bieber at D&G. Next we went into Lanvin who was hosting a karaoke contest, however with our singing capabilities we chose not to participate... although we did help ourselves to a glass of champagne while we sat on the comfy chairs and chatted on the top floor planning out our next move. Finding some gourmet appetizers was on our agenda and it just so happened that our next store was serving delicious mini lobster tacos. After going back for seconds we decided it would be time to find a new location.
{Mini lobster tacos}
Oscar De La Renta himself was hosting the FNO party at his store, assisted by his PR girl or most commonly known as @OscarPRgirl on Twitter (who we had the fortunate opportunity of meeting and taking a picture with). Although Oscar seemed heavily involved in his "oh-so-important" phone call, we were able to briefly meet him, until he was whisked away to join in singing with the mariachi band.
{Me, Oscar PR girl, Hannah}
Agent Provocateur was next, where we watched sky high models emerge out of limos in nothing but lingerie waltzing up to full body windows where they were modeling. After perusing most of the stores down Madison, we decided to make a change of scenery by heading over to Lexington and stopping in Dylan's Candy Bar. The top level was transformed into an actual bar and upon walking in, everyone over 21 received a wristband validating their age.Sangria was served and while sipping on this sweet cocktail we frosted out own high-heel cookies, an unbeatable combination.

{Dylan's "Candy Bar"}
{High-heel cookie and white sangria}
Celebrities were being studded throughout the neighborhood and it was exciting to run into one of the couples from the Real Housewives of NYC. Although Oscar's singing with the mariachi band was fun to listen to, the real singing talent came out when we heard Natasha Bedingfield at Ann Taylor.
{Real Housewives couple of NYC}
{Natasha Bedingfield at Ann Taylor}
YSL, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Henri Bendels, were a few more places we popped into before the saddening 11pm FNO closing time rolled around. The Hester Street fair took over Bendels 2nd floor and over a dozen local food vendors opened their stands inside this high-end retail store (a seemingly unconventional location for quick bites such as homemade mac n cheese and crepes).
{Hannah and I in front of the YSL store}
Now that another year of Fashoin's Night Out was officially over, we continued the evening by attending Christian Audigier's party at The Chelsea Room, The event was lively but we left after about an hour and headed over to Tenjune, one of my favorite Thursday night hot spots. Heading home a little after 3am, I would consider this night to be a huge success.

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