Saturday, September 17, 2011


{U.S. Open sign}
I had the amazing opportunity to attend the U.S. Open this year with my parents, which first started back in 1881. Being one of the oldest tennis championships in the world, times have definitely changed from when this event wasn't even televised to now it being displayed in high-def 3-D flat screen tv's at one of the venue kiosks. Our box seat tickets had previously been scheduled for the day before but due to the crazy weather were postponed until the next evening. This postpone, which we had originally thought was a setback, actually enabled us to watch the match between Serena Williams and the #1 womens tennis player in the world, Carolina Wozniaki.
{Serena's opponent, Carolina Wozniaki}
Before the match, we ate dinner at Aces, the delicious restaurant of a wold-renound chef for events across the country. Honey Deuces, a Grey Goose melon cocktail was the signature drink for the evening and therefore we had to try them, you even got to keep the souvenir cup!
{Honey Deuces cocktail}
For appetizers, we ordered the portobella fries which the waiter informed us that they receive 45 cases of mushrooms every single day just to make these, needless to say they are extremely popular.
{Portobela frieswith ginger soy sauce}
For dinner we tried an assortment of entrees, including scallops, lobster salad, and ahi tuna (although they were all very tasty, I must say the tender ahi was my favorite).
{Scallops and arugula salad)
However, I must say that the mini peanut butter ice cream sandwiches for dessert might have been my favorite part of the meal.
{Mini peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches}
A little while after we finished eating, we headed over to explore the whole venue. There were lots of different kiosks sponsored by companies such as American Express, Grey Goose, Ralph Lauren, and a few others. After not too much longer we went to our seats and had an up-close and personal view of the action. Cyndi Lauper sung the national anthem and then the games started. At serves over 115mph, you could see the power in Serena's shots.
{Serena Williams}
The excitement continued back and forth while the fans cheered each of the opponents on. After just 2 sets, Serena had already won the game! As fans applauded and slowly left the stadium, I took in the whole scenery of unforgettable night.

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