Monday, September 5, 2011

SWEET SIP: Grilled Cheese Martini

Grilled cheese sandwiches.... tomato soup..... martinis.... sounds like 3 very delicious things..... but together? not so much. When I first read an article about this very interesting drink on Urban Daddy (one of my all-time favorite websites), I automatically put it on my bucket list as a "must-try". So one Friday evening before we went out, I dragged my apprehensive friend along with me to Bleechers and told him we were about to try one very intriguing cocktail. As we entered this small storefront known for it's hand-made cheeses, we made our way down to it's darkly-lit restaurant named "The Cellar". Our enthusiastic waitress sat us down promptly and before she could even hand us the menu, I already knew exactly what to order, "two grilled cheese martinis please," I said excitedly.
{Grilled Cheese Martini}

Only a few minutes later she arrived back with our drinks, not entirely sure what I was expecting them to look like, this definitely was not it. Rimmed with some sort of chunky chipotle-looking substance, I decided to ask her exactly how this unique drink was created. She went on to explain that they begin by making their famous grilled cheese sandwich allowing it to sit in a tub of vodka for 24 hours. Then after the liquor has been fully infused with the cheese flavor it is poured into a martini glass over a cube of iced tomato soup, topped with a full tomato. A splash of balsamic vinaigrette is then added with a touch of pepper and voilĂ , the drink is served!

In a hesitant toast, we each took a sip of this so-called savory drink and prepared for the best. Giving each other a "Hmmmm....... well this is interesting......" look, I set my glass down and quickly ordered a plate of cheese and crackers to wash down this indescribable taste I had in my mouth. Needless to say people must order this drink for its appeal and not its enjoyment... better luck next time!

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