Thursday, September 29, 2011

SWEET SUCCESS: Alberta Ferretti Internship

Even though I was only able to intern at AEFFE USA (the company that is the home to brands such as Alberta Ferretti, Philosophy, Moschino, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Pollins) for only a few short days during fashion week, I learned an incredible amount of information about how fashion houses are run. Converting from interning at a well-known fashion magazine (Allure), to working with a start-up fashion brand (Maiyet), to then helping out at a high-end runway show (Philosophy), I definitely received a great amount of experience in different departments on the fashion industry this summer.
{Inside the showroom}
After I helped dress models for the Philosophy show during February fashion week, I thought that this experience would probably be quite similar. However this year I worked the few days before the show as well and little did I know how much time and effort goes into those short 15 minute shows. Monday morning when I arrived, no time was spared before they handed me a stack of around 70 invitations that needed to be hand delivered to areas all throughout Manhattan. Getting to the office at 8:30am, I was already out by 9:00am ready to start my wild goose change throughout the city. Starting in Midtown West, walking over to Columbus Circle, back to Times Square, all the down to the Flatiron District, exploring Meatpacking, then Soho, over to the West Village, and heading all the way up to the office again, I was walking around everywhere for a straight 8 hours. Dropping off VIP invitations to dozens of luxury hotels, important guests were awaiting their invitations to the show just 2 days later. When I returned to the office around 6:00pm, my feet were definitely in need of a rest; I think that I walked around more that day than I have the whole time I have been in NY! (I now permanently have the map of the city ingrained in the back of head).
{The stack of invitations I hand delivered}
The day of the show was exciting and chaotic all at the same time. When minuscule problems arose, they had to be dealt with immediately and seemed to turn into a much larger deal than anticipated. Not having enough seat tags or all of them not being the right size, handwriting not being identical, chairs not being in a specific arrangement... its the little things that people barely even notice that cause the biggest dilemmas. After dealing with all the unexpected emergencies, the whole set-up for the mansion looked exceptional. A spiral staircase entrance, 4 rooms, a courtyard, it was evident that a lot of careful planning went into picking the perfect venue. The show ended up starting around 6, after all the VIP and guests arrived; Emma Roberts showed up in stunning gold YSL shoes and a black lace dress.The models looked glamorous strutting their stuff down the staircase and through the runway in 4 separate rooms. As the show ended, the guests spent no time lingering around as most of their cars were already outside waiting for them to be taken to the airport. Although fashion week is a fun exciting time, it is no time for rest. The city is bustling at all hours and there is continually something to be seen and done. I wasn't even able to stay around for long after myself, as I had to rush to a Financial Adviser gala to meet my parents, therefore fully concluding my fashion week events.

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