Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PARKED. NYC's best food trucks come together

Do you like NYC's food trucks? Or do you prefer sitting down at restaurants? For a tasty, quick, and reasonably priced meal on the go food trucks are the perfect option. Originally when I used to hear the word "food truck"I would think of the grungy taco truck that used to hang out near the park by my high school. However, after moving to NY I have seen the most gourmet food coming out of those mobile vehicles cruising around the city streets. Hearing many great reviews about the fabulous finds you can eat on the street, I couldn't believe I still had yet to try a place until this past Saturday. Therefore, when I read online that over 30 of the best food trucks in NYC were all coming together at the South Seaport I jumped on the opportunity to try all these delicious treats.
{Crowd of people at "PARKED"}

Though when I first arrived I was overwhelmed by the increasingly large number of people and the lines that looped around to what seemed to be almost back uptown. After perusing around all the different trucks to see which ones were worth the wait, my family and I decided to all split up so we would be able to sample multiple different eats. My mom waited at the infamous Wafels & Dings for the BBQ chicken wafel while my dad waited at it's bumper truck, Rickshaw Dumping Bar that sold the most delicious vegetarian edamame dumplings. I went back up toward the front where I had seen many other great trucks that I wanted to try.
{Wafels & Dings Truck}

{Rickshaw Dumpling Truck}

On my way back, I couldn't help but sample all the delicious desserts being passed out by the Treats Truck; the mexican brownies, almond & crandberry rice krispies, and the oatmeal raison cookies were among my favorite. Stopping at the Cinnamon Snail for a minute, I almost purchased a tempeh sandwich from this vegan truck, however just a few inches away I saw someone carrying a mouthwatering mountain of shaved ice with an assortment of yummy toppings. I immediately asked them to point me in the right direction and I found myself at a small booth. Although this event was primarily food trucks, 10 temporary booths joined the party to serve from their mini traveling shops. I ordered some very unconventional toppings (peanuts, wasabi peas, almonds, rosemary, granola, and strawberries) which actually complemented the shaved ice and the dollop of mango sorbet perfectly in an interesting way.
{Shaved Ice Menu}

Even though I was only able to try 3 different trucks this time, I am hoping to try some of the ones I missed in the near future: Gorilla Cheese, Frying Dutchman, Cool Haus Ice Cream, and Red Hook Lobster.
{The Frying Dutchmen}

{Red Hook Lobster Pound}

Following trucks on twitter is the best way to instantly know their locations! What are your favorite NYC food trucks?

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