Monday, August 1, 2011

YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Panel

On Thursday, I attended the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Panel at NYU’s Gallatin School. Some of New York's brightest interns came together to listen to a panel discussion featuring Amy Levin (of College Fashionista), Calvin Klein’s Malcolm Carfrae, IMG Models’ Jeni Rose, Annabel Tollman (stylist and journalist) , and Nary Manivong and Ally Hilfiger (the founders of NAHM). From Nary Manivong's brave story about growing up homeless and taking the bold leap of moving out to NY with only $200 in his pocket to Amy Levin's success story about how her own personal blog turned into her now flourishing company, every individual definitely had a unique story to share. Commenting about their interesting experiences in the fashion industry and throughout life in general, I can absolutely say that I left with some helpful advice.

Top things I learned:
  • Don't get too caught up in what everyone else is going, focus on your own path
  • Everyone's career peeks and different times so don't get frustrated because success is based on hard work and determination
  • It's important to stay in contact with those you meet, whether it be by sending them a quick email now and then or a phone call, don't lose touch
  • Never underestimate the power of a hand-written letter
  •  Always be humble, grateful, prepared and willing to take on any challenge
As the inspirational panel came to a close, I approached College Fashionista's Amy Levin and asked her for advice with my own blog. This young blonde entrepeneur wearing an adorable Chanel bag was more than overjoyed to give me tips and even volunteered to speak with me over the phone! I would also love to be a style guru for her website. Our call is set for today and I can't wait to talk to her! If anyone has questions you want me to ask her, please let me know :)

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