Thursday, August 4, 2011


Last night, another intern and I went to an event at Saks for StyleOwner. We had no idea what it was when we first got there, but after listening to a presentation and learning more about it I can't wait to sign up! After we entered the raffle and recieved our free ice cream sundae's complimentary of SnAKS, we were greeted by a StyleOwner representative who sat us down at a table and through an interactive presentation on her MacBook Air guided us through this ingenius new website launching in August.The idea behind StyleOwner is that anyone can create their own online boutique feauturing their favorite items from top name retailers. Combining the power of e-commerce and social networking, shoppers are able to open a customized online store, fill it with items, and earn money selling their favorite brands! Once your store is open for business, post it on your facebook, twitter, blog, and spread the word. Your friends can then shop through your hand-selected picks and order whatever they like. The benefit for you: earning 10% of whatever you sell! Also, if you shop at your own store, you automatically recieve 10% off your purchase. What a brilliant idea, counting down the days until I can open my finally open my own store!

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